A new album of Victor Kennedy’s songs is currently in production and will include songs available here in demo form, as well as new work not yet available for streaming. This album is due for release in late 2014.




BladeRunner meets Addiction and Truth in the New Surrealistic World




A true story song from my last year of High School in 1972.




VICTOR KENNEDY~Vocals/Fender Telecaster, CHRIS LOUGHTMAN~Fender Telecaster, DAVID TILLOTSON~Bass Guitar, ANTHONY BENNETT~Drums, NICK DANYI~Tenor Saxophone.




Ruth lay by the fountain that was fed by the water from the well
Surrounded by so many, saying, well, well all is well
She loved her place in the country, the train whistle and the bell
And a time before the olive and the gumtree fell


Began writing Atlanta, Georgia, USA; returned to it in Newcastle, NSW, Australia and Rye, Victoria, Australia. This recording took place in Rye and was recorded by Caravan Recorders for You Yang Productions